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Clothtex - Clothing Textiles
Which includes textile components used for specific functional applications in garments and shoes:

Zip fasteners
Shoe laces
Elastic narrow fabrics (Tapes)
Umbrella cloth
Sewing threads
Interlining is a layer of fabric inserted between the face and the lining of a garment, drapery, or quilt. It is similar to batting, a thick layer of fibre designed to provide insulation, loft, and body to quilts, pillow toppers, and heavy winter jackets. Depending on the application, the materials in this layer can be woven, knitted, or created by fusing fibres together. Silk, wool, and artificial fibres with good insulating qualities are common choices for interlining.

Generally, interlinings are soft, thick, and flexible. Some are designed to be fused, while others are intended to be sewn to one or both layers of the textile. As an inner lining within textiles, it is used in ...

Hometex - Home Textiles

Which includes textile components used in household applications:

Mattress and pillow components
Carpet backing cloth (Jute & Synthetic)
Stuff toys
HVAC filters
Filter cloth for vacuum cleaners
Nonwoven wipes
Mosquito nets

Agrotex - Agricultural textiles

Which includes technical textile products used in agriculture, such as:

Agricultural Applications

Geotextiles are tailor-made products, and the list of applications is never-ending. Here are some examples in which geotextiles are in use for agricultural purposes:

crop covers;
plant protection;
seed blankets;
weed-control fabrics;
biodegradable plant pots;
capillary matting;
landscape fabric; and
protection from frost and insects.

Buildtex - Building Textiles
Which includes technical textiles used in construction of permanent and temporary buildings as well as structures:

Architectural membranes
Hoardings & signages
Cotton canvas tarpaulins
HDPE tarpaulins
Awnings & canopies
Scaffolding nets
Floor & wall coverings
Geotex and Oekotex - Geo-Textiles
Which includes technical textiles products used in geotechnical applications pertaining to soil, rock and earth etc. and environmental engineering:


Indutex - Industrial Textiles

which includes technical textile products used in the manufacturing sector:

Drive belts, conveyor belts
Dry and Wet filtration applications
AGM glass battery separators
Coated abrasives (TT component)
Ropes & cordages
Composites (technical textiles component)
Printed circuit boards (TT component)
Computer printer ribbon
Paper making fabrics
Filtration Products

Which includes products used in health, hygiene, personal care as well as surgical applications:

Baby diapers, incontinence diapers, sanitary
Napkins and wipes etc
Face masks

We offer all types of medical and surgical face masks. Non Woven Surgical Face Masks are made from spun bond polymer non-woven fabric..

• Medical/Bouffant Caps
We design and manufacture Disposable Surgeon Caps that are used in regulating and preventing infections and contamination during critical conditions.

• Surgical dressings, sutures and artificial implants

Mobiltex - Automotive Textiles
Segment which includes products used in automobile and auto components sector:

Nylon Tyre cord
Seat belt webbing
Automotive carpets, helmets
Railways seating fabrics

Packtex - Packaging Textiles

Which includes packaging materials used for industrial, agricultural, consumer and other goods:
• Rice Bags

We offer PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabrics manufactured with superior quality polypropylene. Our PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabric is versatile in nature and is used for wide range of industries including garments, medical, packaging and agricultural industries; therefore, they have replaced traditional fabrics. PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabrics offered by us are non-toxic and eco-friendly and are especially being used to manufacture Rice Bags.

Polyolefin woven sacks
Leno bags
Wrapping fabric
Jute hessian and sacks (including Food grade jute bags)


Protex - Protective Textiles

Which includes products used in manufacturing of various protective clothing for personnel working in hazardous conditions:

Ballistic protective clothing – Bulletproof
Fire retardant fabrics and apparels
Radiation protection textile/NBC
High visibility clothing/Foul weather
Chemical protection clothing
Industrial gloves/Cut. Slash
High altitude clothing

Sportex - Sports Textiles

Which includes technical textile products used in sports and leisure wear:

Sports composites
Artificial turf
Parachute fabrics
Ballooning fabrics
Sail cloth
Sleeping bags
Sport nets
Sport shoes components

Potential Markets of Technical Textiles in India
Roads, Highways
Automotive Market
Multiplexes, Hotels
Large Farmlands
Filtration and water management
Environment and waste management
Machinery manufacturers for technical textiles & technology providers.
Raw material suppliers to technical textiles.
Chemical producers.
R&D Institutes.
Testing Organisations.
Educational Institutes
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