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Hot Water Soluble Nonwoven:
By using water-soluble PVA film as the proximal cloth, time can be saved more than by using a paper. Water-soluble PVA film increases dimensional stability, you can make more beautiful embroidery. Water-soluble PVA film can be solved by cold water, so you can wash away the film without damaging the clothes.
Water-soluble PVA film used in embroidery has advantages over other films. It is non-toxic and can be dissolved totally , it doesn't result in producing wire-drawing, nodal point, wire-break, offset direction etc. It is fit for multi-head embroidery machine. It takes place of non-woven fabrics as it can avoid textile's deformation and fading in high temperature
Hot Water Soluble Fabric (water soluble, nonwoven fabric for embroidery, for making lace fabric)
Fibre Composition: PVA
Width: 62"
Cold Water Soluble PVA film
We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of water soluble films. These are available in innovative designs, pattern and styles.

Water-soluble PVOH film is made from water soluble polymers, having the appearance of a common plastic film. It has unique characteristic of completely dissolving in water at room temperature. The dissolved film disappears in water like sugar or coffee and the ingredients of the film change their appearance but remains present as dissolved solids in water.

The rate of dissolution depends on agitation, water temperature, amount of water and thickness of the film. The PVOH has proved to be a revolutionary film
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