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Woven Fabrics
Cap Interlinings
We use the oxford yarn for the weft, and the T/C or T yarn for the warp. Our products are mainly for the baseball caps, sports caps. We assure timely delivery of this item to our client's doorstep. This item in the Local Indian market is also known as "Kurkure".
Excellent adhesive to outer fabrics and elasticity
Quality and hand-feel do not change after dry clean and machine wash
If you need fusible interlining, coating can be LDPE.
High bonding strength, suitable for water-washing and dry-washing
Customized hand feeling of soft and hard, normally the hard optional for caps/hats.
Stretch Fusible Interlining
Varieties: 60T, 70T, 80T, 90T, 30D (Stretch), 9330
Material: 100% Polyester, 100% Nylon, Polyester/Nylon variant.
Woven Interlining
Width: 100cm - 150cm
Good hand-feeling
Superior bonding strength and exquisite elasticity.
GSM Range: 30 - 90 GSM
Colours: White, Black (Colourful products are workable)
Polyester Taffeta Twill
Twill Weave

Twill weaves are the weaves that find a wide range of application. They can be constructed in a variety of ways. The main feature of these weaves that distinguishes them from other types is the presence of pronounced diagonal lines that run along the width of the fabric.

Twill weave is distinguished by diagonal lines. The simplest twill is that created by the weft crossing over two warp yarns, then under one, the sequence being repeated in each succeeding shot (pick), but stepped over, one warp either to the left or right. Twills with more warps than wefts floating on the fabric’s face are called warp faced; those with wefts predominating, weft faced. The angle of the twill can also vary.
Polyester Taffeta
We offer Polyester Taffeta Fabric. Taffeta (formerly sometimes spelled taffety) is a crisp, smooth woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibres. There are two distinct types of silk taffeta: Yarn-dyed and Piece-dyed. Piece-dyed taffeta is often used in linings and is quite soft. Yarn-dyed taffeta is much stiffer and is often used in evening dresses.
Polyester Taffeta fabric/230T Polyester Taffeta/190T Taffeta
Material: 100% Polyester
Technique: Woven
Yarn count: 63D * 63D, 68D * 68D
Pattern: Plain dyed.
Density: 230T
Width: 58"/60"
Composition: 100% Polyester
Polyester Taffeta Dobby
Dobby weaves also produce allover figured fabrics. They are made on looms having a dobby attachment, with narrow strips of wood instead of Jacquard cards. Dobby weaves are limited to simple, small geometric figures, with the design repeated frequently, and are fairly inexpensive to produce.
Dobby Weaves, requiring a special loom attachment, have small, geometric, textured, frequently repeated woven-in designs, as seen in bird’s-eye piqué.
Most modern dobby fabric is made using a computer-controlled dobby loom. This machine uses a computer program to select which loom harness will lift or drop. Historically, these looms were controlled by wooden pegs instead of a computer, but produced similar results. Dobby fabric can be made of any textile type. Dobby looms can make only relatively simple patterns, such as checks or chevrons, unlike the more complex, brocade-like materials produced by a Jacquard loom.
Composition: 100% polyester.
Grammage:110 - 360 GSM
Density: 198 x 107
Yarn Count: 50D, 63D, 66D, 68D
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