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Cotton Embroidery Backing Paper
We are one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality easy-tear cotton-based chemically bonded (embroidery-backing) nonwoven (also known as "Random" in local markets) in India. With more than three advanced production lines for manufacturing embroidery backing, we are able to supply close to 100 Tons of cotton fabric, to meet our customers' requirements. Our rolls can be packaged in various sizes from 100m - 1000m rolls as per the client's request, and the fabric can be manufactured from 20 GSM to 100 GSM.
With advanced production equipment and technology, scientific management system, steady quality, competitive price and considerate after-sales service, our organization has earned a great reputation in the embroidery backing industry.
  • Material: Cotton Fibre
  • Tear Away
  • Economical backing material
  • GSM Range :20-100 GSM
  • Colours: White, Black. (Other colours available for specialized orders)
  • Width: 1m / 40"
  • Coating: Plain, Adhesive, Fusible with LDPE Coating, EVA or as per customer's requirements.
  • Packing: 100 - 1000 meter rolls (can be customized as per client's request)
Polyester Chemically Bonded Nonwoven
With our factories based out of Himachal Pradesh, we possess more than three highly advanced chemically bonded nonwoven production lines. We are the among the leading manufacturers in India, providing one of the best quality in carded and chemically bonded carded polyester-based nonwovens(also known as Paper Foam in local markets).
Polyester fibres display good resistance to sunlight. Polyester fibre gives excellent performance, when enhanced by an UV stabilizer, in curtains and automobile interiors. Although Polyester is flammable, the fabric usually melts and drops away instead of spreading the flame. Polyester has good oxidative and thermal resistance. Colour forming species are produced and carboxyl end groups are increased. The resistance to both oxidative and thermal degradation may be improved by antioxidants. Mechanical properties are not affected by moderate doses of high-energy radiation.
Polyester fabric is a versatile and important man-made fabric. It has an outstanding characteristic of resisting wrinkle and springing back into its crisp smooth shape. It is strong, and soft hand. The fabric is resistant to stretching and shrinkage. These are quick to dry and are resilient. It has an excellent pleat retention property. It requires minimum care and is easily washable.
  • Material: Polyester Fibre
  • GSM Range: 15 -100 GSM
  • Colours: Wide Range of colours (as per client's request)
  • Width: 40"- 60"
  • Coating: Plain, Adhesive, Fusible with LDPE Coating, EVA or as per customer's requirements.
  • Feature: Mothproof, Eco-friendly, Breathable, Anti-static, Anti-bacteria, Anti-pull, Tear-resistant, Fusible.
  • Packing: 500m to 1000m to 1500m rolls (can be customized further for a tailor-made solution to the customer's requirement)
Viscose Chemically Bonded Nonwovens
Viscose fibres are a form of regenerated cellulose that are manufactured through a complex chemical process. Generally viscose fibres have an irregular round cross section with a porous internal structure, however it's possible to spin viscose with a flat cross section such as which provides the fibre with improved moisture absorption. Viscose is a strong and durable fibre which is abrasion resistant yet soft to..
Polyester-Viscose Blends
Fabric blends are one which is made up of two or more different types of fibres twisted or spun together. Blending adds to the quality of the final product.
  • Material: Polyester and Viscose fibre mixture (specific percentages)
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