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Cold Water Soluble PVA film

We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of water soluble films. These are available in innovative designs, pattern and styles.

Water-soluble PVOH film is made from water soluble polymers, having the appearance of a common plastic film. It has unique characteristic of completely dissolving in water at room temperature. The dissolved film disappears in water like sugar or coffee and the ingredients of the film change their appearance but remains present as dissolved solids in water.

The rate of dissolution depends on agitation, water temperature, amount of water and thickness of the film. The PVOH has proved to be a revolutionary film with its multiple uses which has been acknowledged and hailed by not only satisfied users but also ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (E.P.A.) strongly recommends in packing agriculture chemicals and pesticides in this water soluble film as it is completely biodegradable and safe for environment and with time to come the use of this film not only going to increase but also indispensable because of its biodegradability, eco-friendly with multiple uses.
The Time of Dissolving of the PVA Film
(eg: thickness:30um temperature:25℃.)
The beginning of dissolving (sec.)
Total dissolving (sec.)
<25 sec.
<5 minutes
<5 minutes
<50 minutes
can't dissolve when temperature is under 40℃
total dissolving when temperature is over 80℃

Appearance: Material has brightness and embossment.
The colour has achromaticity and can be red, blue, yellow, green.
According to the time of dissolving, the film has three types: Quick, Middle andDifficult. Thicker film dissolve slowly, and the higher the temperature, the faster the film would dissolve in water.
Fast soluble film
Medium Soluble Film
soluble film
Agrochemical packing, Herbicide packing bags, Artificial-haired, Embroidery, Cleansing products packing bags, Laundry bags, Water transferred printed films.
Seed tapes, Compound film for food packing, Laundry bags
Textile packing bags, Buffer air cusion of packaging, Laundry bags, Mode release
Specification of PVA film:
Thickness (Um)
Wideness (Cm)
Length (m)
Sheet: The film would be produced in square, round, abnormity by customers ordering.

Specification of water soluble PVA bag:

PVA water soluble film is being used in chemical, agriculture and fertilizer packing. It could be processed according to customers demand of any size and specification.
PVA flat bag
100 mm X 100 mm~1000mm X 1000 mm
Wideness (Cm)
20, 50, 80, 100, 110
Vest bag & Gusset bag etc. Process according to clients' demand of any size and specification
A. Thickness and wideness could be processed according to customers demand.
B. Transparency, white, yellow, green and blue etc.
• Water Soluble Laundry Bag
Cold Water Soluble PVA Film India Water soluble laundry bags are an effective closed handling system in the medical industry where safety and high sanitary standards are vital to prevent the spread of infectious components. Handling is safer when the contaminated linen or clothing is isolated in a water soluble bag from the point of filling to the laundry machine or disposal point. PVA bags soluble is made to handle moist linen. The bags dissolve completely in the laundry, leaving no contaminated packaging waste. In addition, PVA bags are biodegradable and have odour barrier properties.
• Embroidery
Cold Water Soluble PVA Film Supplier Company By using water-soluble PVA film as the proximal cloth, time can be saved more than by using a paper. Water-soluble PVA film increases dimensional stability, you can make more beautiful embroidery. Water-soluble PVA film can be solved by cold water, so you can wash away the film without damaging the clothes.
Water-soluble PVA film used in embroidery has advantages over other films. It is non-toxic and can be dissolved totally, it doesn't result in producing wire-drawing, nodal point, wire-break, offset direction etc. It is fit for multi-head embroidery machine. It takes place of non-woven fabrics as it can avoid textile's deformation and fading in high temperature.
• Agriculture Usage
Cold Water Soluble PVA Film Importers Company Seeds are packaged in tape-shape at regular intervals using water-soluble PVA film. Because it germinates at the regular intervals when buried it in earth, the labour of the cull can be saved. Work simplification can be attempted when making the seeds of the lawn and the flowers adhere to water-soluble PVA film and making it into sheet. It can not only prevent the seeds from being blown away by wind and eaten by animals. But also can keep moisture in the sand.
• Chemical packing
Cold Water Soluble PVA Film India Agriculture chemical usually has the problems of high concentration and hypertoxicity and do harm to human being. If using PVA film the infection coming from venomousness or stimulating materials can be greatly reduced.
• Packaging of Infection Control
Cold Water Soluble PVA Film Supplier Laundry bags are the most effective system available for the collection and transport of infected linen to combat the risk of contamination and cross-infection to staff and laundry personnel. The contents of the bags need not be handled until the wash and dry cycle is complete.
• Clothes packing  
PVA water-soluble film has better quality than other packing material. It is non-static, highly transparent and lustrous. It is goodbarrier to air and could be used for packing in order to keep nitrogen from contacting with clothes and avoid textile becoming yellow.
• Food packing  
PVA water-soluble film has good air barrier and resistance to oil. It could preserve food for longer time and keep fresh. This film can also be used to deliver savory flavors in film to apply flavor and spices to meat products during cooking.
• Mold-releasing  
Cold Water Soluble PVA Film
PVA film can be used as an excellent mold releasing agent when parts are manufactured with unsaturated polyester epoxide resin or other thermosetting resin.
• Packing of electric appliance
PVA water-soluble film is an anti-static film, which is different from other plastics film. It could be used to pack electric product to avoid dust and static.
• Water transfer printing  
Transfer printing is applicable for a wide variety of packaging materials, including glass, plastic, metal, wood, porcelain and other special surface.
• Commodity packaging  
Since the advantage in the water solubility and environmental friendly characteristic, the water-soluble PVA film can be used widely, in the field of commodity packaging, such as the packaging of detergent and environment friendly shopping bags.
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