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Polyester Taffeta Dobby Linings
Dobby weaves are made on looms having a dobby attachment, with narrow strips of wood instead of Jacquard cards. Dobby weaves are limited to simple, small geometric figures, with the design repeated frequently, and are fairly inexpensive to produce.
Dobby Weaves, requiring a special loom attachment, have small, geometric, textured, frequently repeated woven-in designs, as seen in bird’s-eye piqué.
The term dobby fabric can refer to any type of cloth that uses a dobby weave. Dobby weaving machines raise or lower the warp threads, or those that run the length of the fabric, during the weaving process to create patterns such as stripes, checks and designs. Dobby fabrics have more texture than plain weave fabrics, but are not as intricate as jacquard fabrics.
Dobby fabric can be woven from several types of fibres, such as cotton, nylon, silk or rayon. Some dobby fabrics use a combination of materials, to obtain the strengths and qualities of both. Cotton pique fabric has a dobby weave, and works well for clothing and home decor projects that need a textured stripe or pattern. Birdseye cotton is a dobby fabric with a diamond pattern, commonly used for cloth diapers and kitchen towels. Moss crepe is a dressy fabric usually woven from rayon, but finer versions use silk. Barathea is usually made from silk or rayon but may also be mixed with wool or cotton and used for dresses, dress pants and neckties. Matelassé fabric made from cotton, polyester or chenille is a thick, textured fabric used for home decor, bed coverings and handbags.
Most modern dobby fabric is made using a computer-controlled dobby loom. This machine uses a computer program to select which loom harness will lift or drop. Historically, these looms were controlled by wooden pegs instead of a computer, but produced similar results. Dobby fabric can be made of any textile type. Dobby looms can make only relatively simple patterns, such as checks or chevrons, unlike the more complex, brocade-like materials produced by a Jacquard loom.
• Composition: 100%polyester.
• GSM Range:110 - 360 GSM
• Density: 198x107, 171*109
• Yarn Count: 50D*50D, 63D*63D, 66D*66D, 68D*68D
• Unique design
• Complex craftwork with a good effect.
• Dobby stereoscopic effect is very strong.
• Colours: All colours available as customer's request.
• Customer's designs and samples are acceptable

• Good for men's or women's garments.
• Used in army, school and defence jackets and track suits.
• Suit Interlinings.
• Can be used as fabrics for umbrellas
• Dobby fabric comes in a wide variety of materials, textures, colors and patterns. It's used in everything from diapers to home decor, and it appears in basic polo shirts as well as high-end linens and designer handbags.

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