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Healthcare Applications of Spun Bonded Nonwoven
Surgical Masks

At our industrial design unit, based out of Sonepat, Haryana; we design and manufacture Disposable Face masks, Surgeon Caps, Bouffant Caps, Shoe Covers and other medical applications as per the requirements of our esteemed clients using our very own high quality in-house Spunbond Nonwoven Fabrics and Chemical Bonded items on highly robust automated machinery.
We offer all types of medical and surgical face masks. Non Woven Surgical Face Masks are made from spun bond polymer non-woven fabric, spun lace fabrics as the main raw material. This material is preferred for its light weight. Its gravity is lighter than hydrophobic PP fibres so it has excellent water repellence and air permeability resulting in providing comfort & dryness resulting in anti bacterial and anti fungal resistance.
Our Medical Face Masks are made of soft, cool, and comfortable material and packed in clean room environment. These Medical Masks protect the wearer from lint, dust and contamination and will not harm the face skin even if worn for long hours. Non Woven Medical Face Masks are extensively used in critical clean room environment, medical and pharmaceutical industries, and electronic industries among others.
  • Disposable Face Masks are widely used in different industries for different purposes.
  • Carbon Face Masks work as a life guard to the respiratory systems and do not impair breathing, vision and voice.
  • Disposable Carbon Face Mask can be availed form us at industry leading prices.
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Surgical Caps
We design and manufacture Disposable Surgeon Caps that are used in regulating and preventing infections and contamination during critical conditions. These Surgeon Caps are widely used in clinics and hospitals in the health sector and hotels and resorts in the hospitality sector.
Disposable Bouffant Caps
These caps are used for preventing the shedding of micro organisms during surgeries and operations in hospitals, our gamut of bouffant caps offered to our clients in free sizes for fitting easily on the heads of both men and women. We have different quality and price range of these products. Check our catalogue for related products.
Bouffant Surgical Caps
Our Bouffant Surgical Cap are air permeable and provide good bacteria filtration efficiency. These Bouffant Cap are germ free and are offer durable service thus finding large demand in hospitals. Our range of Bouffant and Surgeon Cap is offered in universal size with color option of white, blue and green. These caps are specially designed to suit the needs of medical professionals, industrial foreman and food industry.

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Disposable Shoe Cover
Disposable shoes covers are used for hygiene purposes in the manufacturing units. These products are meant for protect protection and maintain the hygiene level.
  • Material: Spun-bonded polypropylene.
  • Anti-skid shoe covers may be used to protect against dirt, grime, and certain dry particulates in non-hazardous environments.
Appropriate for industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing, construction, and certain environmental cleanup applications.
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